emporaries in St.Petersburg, for ●instance.Such an opposition organ as● the Russkiya Vyedomosti does not▓ exist in St.Petersburg.There is also, ▓to be sure, a s


harp contrast between th▓e intelligence of Moscow and that ▓of official St.Petersburg; but ▓this contrast is anything but one be▓tween reaction and progress.It is worth while t▓o examine it more closely. The pr●esent Russian régime has preserved only ●the despotism of the enlightened despo▓tism of Peter; the enlightenmen●t has vanished.The wisdom of t▓he government cons

  • ists solely in th▓e obstruction of popular education.The means to● this end is the police, with their rel●entless crusade a

  • gainst any intelligence of▓ a trend not quite orthodox i▓n its attitude towards the state and the ruli▓ng spirit of the old

  • régime in th▓e corruption of all the elem▓ents of the higher strata of society.Demor▓alization is encouraged, so to say,?/p>

  • ?by official circles.Just as amo▓ng the peasants a man caught reading his[Pg ▓274] Bible is held in suspicion, ▓so in St.P

ch less circumsp
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